AKTINA was founded in 1995 in order to be a partner and an ally to the Pastry and Bakery Professionals, offering a continuously increasing range of quality products. Through its course AKTINA has managed to establish itself as a leading company in its industry in Greece and as a main supplier of Pastry Shops, Bakeries, Ice Cream Industries, Pastry Manufacturing Companies, Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Suppliers.


AKTINA has a strong presence in the chocolate and compound chocolate sector, has a full range of pralines, ice cream syrups, beverages, pastry mixes, desserts, pastry creams, fillings, and raw materials. The products are available in the market under the AKTINA brand name, but there are also product ranges which are distributed on the basis of the customers’ needs.


AKTINA makes a continuous effort to meet its various customers’ requirements, offering specialized service. Through its customers’ needs and the new emerging trends there is an on-going development of new products not only in the already existing fields of activity, but in new product categories as well. Developing new products is one of the main and continuous goals of the company.


Apart from covering the Greek market, AKTINA has also developed a dynamically increasing export activity.